Poll: Final Round – Dream Casting Chloe Mills, Bennett’s Right Hand Woman. Did Your Choice Make It Through?

So we're onto the final round of our Chloe Mills & Bennett Ryan Dream Casting. Bennett's Final Round went up yesterday. Click HERE to cast your vote for Bennett And now onto Chloe. In the first round we had 10 lovely ladies lined up who could have taken on the job of Chloe but there was one in particular that seemed to be a favourite, Mila Kunis! Second place was tied between these three gorgeous ladies Jennifer Lawrence Nina Dobrev Rachel Bilson And finally only separated by one vote was Emilia Clarke SO now it's time to get those fingers voting again. This time you have 2 votes! FINAL ROUND: Who Would You Like To See Play Chloe Mills? Let us know if there's someone else that you think would be perfect for Chloe in the comments below … [Read more...]

POLL: Final Round Dream Casting Bennett Ryan for Beautiful Bastard. Did your guy make it?

Let the final round begin! Who is your fantasy man for Bennett Ryan?? The initial round was fun and clearly had two favorites. Separated by only 10 votes, Henry Cavill and Robert Pattinson are the front runners going into the final round. We might need to make Rob an honorary winner since he has an advantage. ;) A dark horse in the middle of the pack was: Alex Pettyfer Rounding out what is essentially a 4-way tie for fourth place (each separated by a vote each!) are: Ian Somerhalder Chace Crawford Adam Levine Theo James Now it's time to vote! You get to select 3 men. If only, right? If your fantasy Mr. Ryan missing? Who is it?? Maybe he'll actually be cast and that's always better than a dream cast. :) … [Read more...]

Poll: Let’s Dream Cast Chloe Mills – Which One Of These Ladies Has What It Takes To Be Bennett’s Right Hand Woman?

Yesterday we launched our poll to dream cast Bennett Ryan. Today it's the turn of Chloe Mills. Again we asked authors, Christina and Lauren, to describe Chloe in three words. Here's what they had to say: Christina says Chloe Mills is: "Ambitious, Capable & Passionate" Lauren says Chloe Mills is: "Fierce, Confident & Driven" And now time for you to meet the line-up of lovely ladies in our Chloe Mills Dream Casting! You can click on each pic to take a closer look. Let us now which of these ladies YOU think has what it takes to take on the role of Chloe and be the Beautiful Bastard's right hand woman! You can pick 4 ladies and we'll have a final round next week with the top four selected.   Who would you like to see play Chloe Mills? ALSO don't … [Read more...]

Poll: Let’s Dream Cast Bennett Ryan! Which delicious man should be the panty-tearing Beautiful Bastard?

Bennett Ryan. How would you describe Mr. Ryan? We know he's a Beautiful Bastard but when dream casting Mr. Ryan, we need more. We checked in with authors, Christina and Lauren, to ask them to narrow down Mr. Ryan to three words. Christina says Bennett Ryan is "intense, intimidating, charismatic" Lauren says Bennett Ryan is "reserved, unapproachable, sexual" Now with that in mind, let's meet the men for our Bennett Ryan Dream Casting! So there are your simmering BBs! Don't be shy and click those pics to get a yummier view. You get to have four men. Oh yeah. ;) We'll have a final round with the top four selected to see who readers think should be the Beautiful Bastard! … [Read more...]