Christina Lauren Announce new Book Releasing June 2014

Exciting news from authors Christina Lauren via Facebook today! As a fangirl of all their books , I'm ridonk excited for this NEW Wild Seasons Series.  I''m already in love with SWEET FILTHY BOY! PS Luv the name....Ansel <3 JAG Post by Beautiful Bastard. … [Read more...]

‘Beautiful Bastard’ Quote of the Week

“I want you to watch. And tomorrow when you're sore, I want you to remember who did it to you.” ~ Bennett Ryan … [Read more...]

‘Beautiful Bastard’ Quote of the Week

“So here were the facts: I felt possessive of her. Not in a romantic sort of way, but in a "hit her over the head, drag her off by the hair, and fuck her" way. Like she was my toy and I was keeping the other boys in the sandbox from playing with her. How sick was that? If she ever heard me admit to that, she would cut off my balls and feed them to me.” ~ Bennett Ryan … [Read more...]

‘Beautiful Bastard’ Quote of the Week

“Wait, you remember that?" "Of course I remember that. You sounded like a frat boy and looked like a fucking model. What man could ever forget that?" "I would have given anything to know what you were thinking right then." "I was thinking, 'Highly fuckable intern, twelve o'clock. Disengage, soldier. I repeat, disengage.” ~ Bennett & Chloe … [Read more...]

Beautiful Bastard Authors Announce Next Instalments of the Steamy Series

If you've been unwittingly mesmerized by a "Beautiful Bastard" and completely charmed by a "Beautiful Stranger," then you'll want to listen up, because we've got some EXCLUSIVE news regarding Christina Lauren's follow-up, due October 2013. Namely, its name! The "Beautiful" moniker for the third installment of their steamy, sexy series is... "Beautiful Player." What's more, we've also got the titles of the authors' three e-novellas: "Beautiful Bitch" (to be released June 2013), "Beautiful Bombshell" (to be released September 2013) and "Beautiful Beginning" (to be released November 2013). Of course, with news like this we had to get Christina Lauren (otherwise known as the writing team of Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings) on the phone to discuss all the pertinent (and naughty!) … [Read more...]