Beautiful Bastard Authors Announce Next Instalments of the Steamy Series

If you've been unwittingly mesmerized by a "Beautiful Bastard" and completely charmed by a "Beautiful Stranger," then you'll want to listen up, because we've got some EXCLUSIVE news regarding Christina Lauren's follow-up, due October 2013. Namely, its name! The "Beautiful" moniker for the third installment of their steamy, sexy series is... "Beautiful Player." What's more, we've also got the titles of the authors' three e-novellas: "Beautiful Bitch" (to be released June 2013), "Beautiful Bombshell" (to be released September 2013) and "Beautiful Beginning" (to be released November 2013). Of course, with news like this we had to get Christina Lauren (otherwise known as the writing team of Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings) on the phone to discuss all the pertinent (and naughty!) … [Read more...]

Poll: Let’s Dream Cast Chloe Mills – Which One Of These Ladies Has What It Takes To Be Bennett’s Right Hand Woman?

Yesterday we launched our poll to dream cast Bennett Ryan. Today it's the turn of Chloe Mills. Again we asked authors, Christina and Lauren, to describe Chloe in three words. Here's what they had to say: Christina says Chloe Mills is: "Ambitious, Capable & Passionate" Lauren says Chloe Mills is: "Fierce, Confident & Driven" And now time for you to meet the line-up of lovely ladies in our Chloe Mills Dream Casting! You can click on each pic to take a closer look. Let us now which of these ladies YOU think has what it takes to take on the role of Chloe and be the Beautiful Bastard's right hand woman! You can pick 4 ladies and we'll have a final round next week with the top four selected.   Who would you like to see play Chloe Mills? ALSO don't … [Read more...]

Poll: Let’s Dream Cast Bennett Ryan! Which delicious man should be the panty-tearing Beautiful Bastard?

Bennett Ryan. How would you describe Mr. Ryan? We know he's a Beautiful Bastard but when dream casting Mr. Ryan, we need more. We checked in with authors, Christina and Lauren, to ask them to narrow down Mr. Ryan to three words. Christina says Bennett Ryan is "intense, intimidating, charismatic" Lauren says Bennett Ryan is "reserved, unapproachable, sexual" Now with that in mind, let's meet the men for our Bennett Ryan Dream Casting! So there are your simmering BBs! Don't be shy and click those pics to get a yummier view. You get to have four men. Oh yeah. ;) We'll have a final round with the top four selected to see who readers think should be the Beautiful Bastard! … [Read more...]

‘Beautiful Bastard’ Gets Movie at Constantin Film aka Why We’re Here

Constantin Film has acquired movie rights to Beautiful Bastard, the erotic novel about the relationship between an intern and her media-mogul boss that publishes Tuesday. Jeremy Bolt, best known for producing the Resident Evil franchise, is attached to produce the adaptation. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that the company paid a mid-six-figure fee for the option. Beautiful Bastard tells the story of Chloe Mills, an MBA student interning at a media conglomerate who begins a torrid love-hate relationship with her boss, Bennett Ryan, who has just returned from France to take a prominent role in the family company. Bastard began life as the Twilight-inspired fan-fiction hit The Office, which first appeared online in 2009 and was … [Read more...]

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Welcome to, the ultimate Beautiful Bastard movie fansite! Appropriately, we are launching on HUMP DAY! WOOHOO! Our goal is to bring you up-to-the-minute Beautiful Bastard movie news, and provide a forum for readers to congregate online. The Interns have a lot of fun stuff planned, like polls, contests and giveaways. Also, Bennett will be sharing his monthly iPod playlist, and Chloe will be naming her Pantie of the Month. Bookmark this site and visit often for the latest movie news. While you're at it, follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page so you don't miss anything! In the top right hand corner of the site you'll find links to all of our other social media pages. We're planning a Beautiful Bastard read along to start soon, so pick up your copy … [Read more...]