Exclusive! Stephanie Sanditz Tapped As Screenwriter for ‘Beautiful Bastard’ Movie

Stephanie Sanditz

Stephanie Sanditz

Stephanie Sanditz , the writer behind the Mortal Instruments prequel Infernal Devices, confirmed exclusively to BeautifulBastardFilm.com that she has been hired by Constantin Film to write the movie adaptation of Beautiful Bastard.

This took some major digging by Team BB! Our first hint was Christina Lauren’s film agent, Brandy Rivers, tweeting about reading the screenplay.

So, of course, we started cyber-stalking Stephanie and reached out to her to confirm the news.

Stephanie Sanditz is a huge fan of Christina Lauren and the Beautiful series, and we found out that the 40 pages of the screenplay that Brandy Rivers tweeted about were written BEFORE finalizing her contract.

Dedication, people!

Sanditz is an actress-turned-screenwriter. Though she has written for several projects in the past, Infernal Devices is the most high-profile screenplay she’s written, prior to starting Beautiful Bastard.

“I am thrilled to be adapting the book,”  said Stephanie. “Not only is it as fun as it is sexy, but I was really drawn to the book’s exploration of sexual politics in the work place. Mainly, who has more to lose, men or women, when engaging in sexual relations within their professions. I’m really interested in empowering stories where women aren’t afraid to embrace their sexuality. And the men that find those women sexy.”

Team BB has heard rumblings that Beautiful Bastard movie will be this generation’s When Harry Met Sally. We asked Stephanie if there was any truth to this and she said, “I don’t think there is a film that has been as sexy as it is funny for a while. Like Working Girl meets Basic Instinct meets When Harry Met Sally….”

We like the sound of that!

When asked her favorite scene from Beautiful Bastard, Stephanie said, ”after reading the conference room tryst, I admit I had to take a moment!”

Here is Stephanie’s complete bio, from her site BrokenPictures.net:

Writer/Actor/Producer: Stephanie Sanditz recently completed writing INFERNAL DEVICES, the epic prequel trilogy to the MORTAL INSTRUMENTS franchise premiering this summer for Sony and Constantin films based on Cassandra Clare’s novels. She is currently adapting Christina Lauren’s best-selling novel, BEAUTIFUL BASTARD, as well as action film, SHI for Constantin Films, CATHY’S BOOK for UFA Cinema and THE MEDIATOR for Greenestreet Films and FreMantle Media. Projects in development include pop-noire rom-com, MOVING PICTURE, and television series, SHOW ME STATES surrounding the ridiculously dark and dirty world of riverboat gambling. She is currently launching an indie gogo campaign for CREVE COEUR MO, aka Broken Heart Missouri, winner of Tribeca Film Festival’s All Access Award for new voices in screenwriting.

As an actress, you can see her on countless screens and festivals all over the country. Look out for her in the college comedy, DisOrientation, as the evil ‘Bombshell,’ in the new Puppet Master X, leading roles in noire-thriller, Way Down in Chinatown, and the dark drama, Sweet Illusions, which premiered at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. Other credits include new tv series, Times Up, along with Law & Order, Law & Order Criminal Intent, Strangers With Candy, Kate and Leopold, Nice Guys Finish Last, and the web series for comedy central, Amuse Bouche. NYU Tisch School of the Arts Dean’s Honor Scholar BFA.

Follow Stephanie on Twitter @SSanditz.

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