Which “Beautiful Bastard” Scene Are Christina & Lauren Most Looking Forward To Seeing On Screen?

Lo-and-C-in-vegasPage to Premiere got to speak to Christina & Lauren recently when they were doing promo for “Beautiful Stranger” and they asked them which scenes they were most looking forward to seeing onscreen, if they had any fears for the film adaptation and LOTS more.

Are you the type to fan-cast? If not, why not? If so, who are some actors you would fan-cast in the movie?

Christina: Because there are two of us, we usually have a photo of a model or actor for each main character when we start writing, and use it as a way to make sure we’re on the same page when describing the people in our books. But they quickly move away from those photos into their own ‘person’ and so by the end of the drafting & revising process, there isn’t any one person who looks exactly how we imagine it. Plus, it’s always more fun to see who readers come up with.

What are some of your fears for the film adaptation?

Lauren: What’s funny is that until we read this question, I don’t think it occurred to us to be nervous about it. That sounds insane, I’m sure. The thing is, so far we’ve been so happy with every idea Constantin Film has for it, so there hasn’t been any point where we think: yikes, this could go all wrong. So, I’m sure we are anxious about the same thing every author is when their book gets made into a movie: will it feel familiar? Will the audience feel that same sense of ownership and connection? Ultimately we’re glad it ended up in the hands it did, because they’re really enthusiastic, and truly “get” the story and characters.

Which scene are you most excited to see on screen?

Christina: I’m sure most readers would agree with me here that I’d love to see the conference room. And for me it really has nothing to do with the sex (I swear!) That moment, along with Chloe and Bennett’s reaction to it, set such a tone for the entire book. And if I’m being greedy and get to pick two, I’d go with the moment Bennett realizes Chloe has left Ryan Media. That moment in the book gives me heartfail every time.

How did the film get optioned, was it a slow process and got picked up later in the game, or did it all happen pretty quickly after the series got out there?

Lauren: We work with a film agent, Brandy Rivers from The Gersh Agency, and she brokered the deal. In fact, the film rights to the entire BEAUTIFUL series sold very fast, and sold a while before the first book was even released. We can’t wait to see what they do with it!

So there you have it! Are you excited to see “Beautiful Bastard” on the big screen? What scene are YOU looking forward to seeing?

Check out the full interview over at Page to Premiere where Christina & Lauren talk about “Beautiful Stranger”, what their working relationship is like and what’s in the future for them and you also have a chance to win a Nook!

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  • Jomara Soares

    Minha opinião sobre o livro é que realmente ficou ótimo, espero ansiosamente para ler os próximos livros e saber tudo da vida dos principais logico ( Bennett Ryan e Chloe Mills ).
    Espero mais ainda que os atores que vão interpreta-los não sejam famosos, pois estragaram toda a historia, não imagino nenhum ator FAMOSO que seja como o Bennett e alguma como a Chloe.

  • Jomara Soares

    My opinion about the book is that it really was great.

    I look forward to reading the next few books and learn the life of the main (Ryan Bennett and Chloe Mills).

    I hope even more that the interpretation that the actors are not famous people.

    They ruin the whole story.

    I can not imagine any actor who arrives at the foot of Bennett and some, like Chloe.