Poll: Final Round – Dream Casting Chloe Mills, Bennett’s Right Hand Woman. Did Your Choice Make It Through?

So we’re onto the final round of our Chloe Mills & Bennett Ryan Dream Casting.
Bennett’s Final Round went up yesterday.
Click HERE to cast your vote for Bennett

And now onto Chloe.
In the first round we had 10 lovely ladies lined up who could have taken on the job of Chloe but there was one in particular that seemed to be a favourite, Mila Kunis!

Mila Kunis

Second place was tied between these three gorgeous ladies

  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Nina Dobrev
  • Rachel Bilson

And finally only separated by one vote was Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke

SO now it’s time to get those fingers voting again.
This time you have 2 votes!

Let us know if there’s someone else that you think would be perfect for Chloe in the comments below

About Kate
  • Leni

    My dream casting for Chloe Mills would be Maria Valverde.

  • RosieM80

    To me Emilia Clarke is the perfect Ana Steele, not Chloe Mills. I really don’t think any on that list are how I pictured Chloe. I was thinking Amber Heard with brown hair. She has the right personality too.

  • LizGrace

    Lyndsy Fonseca, maybe?

  • kacy50

    Emilia. She too is my Anastasia in FSoG pick, but I think she’s also good for Chloe.

  • Anna Caroline

    None of which are on this list are my choices to be Chloe Mills. The person that I imagine how she is Shay Mitchell, of course making a lovely pair with Henry Cavill as Ryan Bennett.

  • Carmen

    I would love to see Olivia Wilde. She is gorgeous, and protratits the right amount of attitude. I can totally see her as Chloe.

  • Tracy Laughton Ehlert

    Love Rachel Bilson, but I almost see her as Sara Dillion. I think Mila would be a perfect Chole!

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  • fanofreading

    Amelia Warner & Nick Bateman

  • Elian De Almeida Silva

    Krysten Ritter and Nick Zano

  • Guest

    Krysten Ritter and Nick Zano in Cast

  • Grazielle Ferreira

    I wonder why the protagonist of some books can’t be African descent or Brown has to be a white woman or at least can be changed in the movie?